Top ideas for photo booth poses



It’s your turn in the photo booth and you’ve gone blank with the photo booth poses. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be about the props, make it all about YOU. Personality, planning and being spontaneous is key. Sometimes people want to convey a funny story in their photos and some just like to be totally random and thats okay. You can be static or be posey do what works for you. If you need some ideas with posing, let’s take a look  at some of these poses from our photo booth.


PEACE SIGN  Make peace, not war. This should be the motto for the world. A classic pose, even Austin Powers is bringing it back! When the countdown is near the end and you don’t know what to do, just snap your two fingers up and do the peace sign!



PICK UP THE BRIDE  If you’re having a wedding, surprise your bride by picking her up! How romantic, whisk your bride up and take some sweet shots together. At least she’ll be happy to see her wedding dress and oh be cuddled by you. Look she’s doing the peace sign too!

Pickup the bride


BLOW KISS  Share the love and blow some kisses. Let those kisses fly around for someone to catch!



WERE BRINGING SEXY BACK  Turn to the left, to the right and then to the back. Heyyyy oh yeah we’re bringing sexy back!

Girls backs


UMM….. I THINK IM FALLING  Whether you’re falling in love, falling out of love or just simply falling over we truly hope you don’t really hurt yourself! 



RIVALS GAME ON  You can have photos with your friends or you have a photo with your rival. As that saying goes, keep your friends close but your enemies closer!



WE ARE FAMILY  There’s nothing adorable than posing with your fam bam! Its these cherished moments when you can look back at the photos and say awwww. It’s hard to get a proper family portrait these days but when there’s a photo booth around what a perfect opportunity.

Family love


HORSING AROUND  Neigh…….. We don’t understand horse language.



PHOTO BOMB If you’re cheeky and you know it photo bomb! Great you have just ruined someone’s photo, are you happy? YEAH why not they wouldn’t mind.



OMG!!! Looking shocked, seen something funny? When you’re having an OMG moment well might as well express it!



STREET FIGHTERS  If you have beef with someone or joined Brad Pitt’s secret fight club, please no fighting in the photo booth. If you want to pretend, go and show off your fighting pose!



ROCK ON!  If you’re having a rockin’ party, rock it all out in the photo booth! Having a guitar prop helps you get in the mood.

Rock on


SINGING Want to serenade or sing karaoke? Break out those tunes, at least we can see new talent. Have no fear we won’t judge you like Simon Cowell, but we’ll make sure you’ll have great photos.